• You will need to have windows 10 and above.
  • Download QMIGRATOR exe.
  • You will need to have Oracle Instant Client Library and VS Build Tool in the Machine.


Oracle Instant Client Lib:

  • Click on the yellow colour highlighted link. Then it will download the Oracle instant client Library
  • After downloading extract the zip file and you can see instantclient_12_1 folder
  • Copy instantclient_12_1 folder to C drive. Eg: C:\instantclient_12_1.
  • Search for Environment Variables in windows search . Navigate to System Variables
  • Select “Path” in the “System Variables “ and Click on Edit
  • Add new Environment variable and update with C:\instantclient_12_1as mentioned in screenshot.

VS Build Tool:


  • Once dependencies are installed, GUI will be open and looks like
  • After credentials are entered click on the ‘NEXT’ button. You will seea screen with list of schema names
  • Click on the checkboxes of respective schemas and click on SUBMIT button to execute.
  • Once you select the schemas and submit you can see the progress bar which states the status of execution for each schema.
  • You can see the completed schema names in the list box.
  • Note:Indicates successful execution of schemaand red colourindicates a failure.
  • You can see the assessment reports copied in mentioned path once each schema is completed.
  • The folder Path inside schema looks like below
  • Now open the excel sheet named like <<schema_name>> _QMigrator_Estimate.xlsx. The you can find the report looks like below image


Data migration is an automated process in QMigrator and effort is decided based on volume of data. Additionally you save time in Analysing , Planning ,Infrastructure preparation

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