What is QMigrator?


Q-Migrator is a web-based tool for migrating on-prem or cloud databases such as Oracle/SQL Server to Open-source databases like PostgreSQL / MySQL / MariaDB to Azure. This highly secured QMigrator tool handles all the aspects of Database migration from client on-boarding to assessment, deployment, and testing. Automated code conversion for heterogeneous database migrations is the main differentiator that no other tool in the marketplace offers. The entire migration process, including any manual code conversions, can be streamlined to expedite migration from months to weeks.

Features of QMigrator

Client Registration and Onboarding :

The registration process of QMigrator is simple and intuitive where once registered, the client will be able to seamlessly navigate and onboard themselves. Alternatively, our support team will be able to assist you in this process.

Preliminary Assessment :

This module collects information through simple questions and answers on various categories such as organization, infrastructure and resources and assesses the maturity level of each category that would help the client in making informed decisions.

Discovery :

The Discovery module compliments the preliminary assessment. It helps determine the initial migration scope and the ballpark estimate of infrastructure cost and migration cost, which are key factors in determining TCO and ROI.

Plan & Decide :

Having identified the scope, benefits, and risks of migration through Preliminary Assessment and Discovery and realizing the need for modernization, our migration experts and architects will put together a detailed migration and modernization plan that facilitate the client decision process.

Migration :

The Migration and Validation modules takes care of storage object conversion, code object conversion, data masking, data migration, data validation, workload execution, functional testing, and performance testing.

Deployment :

After data validation, the Deployment module deploys the application into the test environment so that clients can perform their end-to-end testing

Reports :

The QMigrator application provides visualization of all the key reports in Power BI.

Manual and Automated Code Conversion :

QMigrator converts the majority (> 90%) of the code automatically, however sometimes manual conversion is required. The whole process is streamlined and completely automated.

Process Flow

Below is the typical workflow of QMigrator where it handles everything from stakeholder management to validation of data.

process flow

QMigrator Architecture

QMigrator architecture is built on a robust framework where every aspect of the product is taken care of. It has great usability, security, and performance.

QMigrator Architecture

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Why QMigrator ?

upto 95% cost savings moving to oss

Up to 95% cost savings
moving to OSS

fully automated assessment to take decisions quickly

Fully automated assessment
to take decisions quickly

powerbi reports for insights and improvements

Power BI reports for insights
and improvements

Up to 60% savings in migration cost

Up to 60% savings in
migration cost

Reduced migration effort and timelines

Reduced migration effort
and timelines

Why Choose Quadrant Resource for Database Migration?
  • Certified Engineers
  • Pricing based on total savings
  • Best in class support
  • Efficient migration planning
  • Any database to any database migration
  • No other tool in the market is close to us
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