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If you are unable to make informed business decisions and develop data-driven strategies, if your business system is not scaling, operations are not efficient, revenue is not as expected, you can reach out to Quadrant Resource.

We specialize in providing data and analytics solutions to businesses around the world to improve their decision-making, increase accountability, boost productivity, predict customer behavior, monitor performance, automate security, ensure compliance, reduce risks, and gain a competitive advantage.

Why We Differ?

  • Certified Data Scientists/Analysts who mine, analyze, visualize data for customer insights.

  • Specialized in-house products that can help you to expedite your data migration at a low cost.

  • Expertise in data migration, visualization, performance tuning, data quality check, data security, data mining, cost optimization and automation of database pipelines

  • Proven experience in overcoming data migration challenges such as data loss, data corruption, data integrity, data reconciliation, and uncertain migration costs, etc.

  • Offer visualization reports to the business and finance team to make the right decisions.

  • Create forecast and predictive analytics models with Al & ML technologies.

  • Committed to delivering cutting edge data solutions that add real value to your business.

  • Our Centre of Excellence for data performs continuous research on the latest technologies to provide optimal solutions.

Our Capabilities

Data Processing

Data processing is crucial for organizations to create better business strategies and increase their competitive edge. We assist you in every stage of data processing such as data collection, storage, preparation, processing, analysis, and presentation. With deep expertise in ETL, our team exact data from multiple sources and store them in the staging area, transform it into a simple standard format and then load it into a target Data Warehouse system. Our data processing solutions can help reduce the response time and enhance the performance of queries for reports and analytics.

Data Governance

In a world of compliance regulations such as GDPR and data scandals leaks, data governance has become a top priority for businesses. Data Governance allows an organization to understand and manage its data efficiently.

Our professional governance team works hand-in-hand with you to capture your business goals, analyze current compliance levels, and reduce the risk of poor data quality while following data protection policies to assist you in achieving your data governance objectives. Our holistic approach can ensure that the organization is GDPR compliant.

Data Visualization

Power BI is the best data visualization platform that allows companies to access, analyze, and understand data and, therefore, to make data-driven decisions. It helps create compelling visualizations and stunning reports that drive performance and make a positive impact.

Using proven architectural frameworks and methods, our team can design, develop, and implement the required Power BI solutions according to your unique requirements. With extensive experience in BI technologies, we can create pixel-perfect reports and interactive dashboards that enable businesses to make smart decisions through real-time monitoring. In addition, we build predictive models using historical data and help you identify potential risks and opportunities before they occur. Our Power BI professional also offers training on Microsoft Power BI and conducts DIAD (Dashboard In A Day) sessions.

Data Migration

Data Modernization and migration will help you to move out from existing old architectures to advanced architectures which helps you in improving performance and reducing cost.

Quadrant help enterprises successfully move their data to better navigate the digital landscape and create strategic solutions that deliver tangible business results. Providing a quick, efficient, and secure data migration service with no disruption to your business is our specialty.

Our data migration team has conceptualized and developed an in-house data migration tool, QMigrator to migrate data from license-based databases to OSS databases. We overcome common data migration challenges such as high migration time, high budget, data loss, data corruption, etc. by adopting a reliable and consistent methodology that includes planning, designing, technical implementation, and validation. We streamline every step in the data migration process, from data preparation to integration to continued data streaming.

Quadrant's Data Center of Excellence

We support our clients through top cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud. Our team of experts always strives to bring innovations and explore new technologies and methodologies to solve complex business problems.