We offer client-specific and customized process-driven Application and Database Migration solutions. Database Migrations to Open-Source Systems like PostgreSQL and MySQL in Azure is our specialty. We perform Solution Assessment and suggest optimal solutions for the Application and Database migrations. We have streamlined the Migration process to reduce migration timeline and improve quality, delivering on time with exceptional quality is our hallmark.

QMigrator Features

  • Web based Tool for managing most Migration tasks.
  • Client Registration, Client Login and Application Assessment through the web.
  • Creation and Execution of Migration Projects through web.
  • Uses open-source Code Conversion Tools where available.
  • Sample data Migration to find data conversion issues.
  • Source and Target schema objects are compared and highlighted in the web interface for quick remediation.
  • User interface to compare Source and Target Code.
  • Rapid development of code conversion programs and integration using code conversion hooks.
  • Schema Object Counts are validated programmatically and displayed as report.
  • Migration Metrics are available in dashboards.
  • CI/CD for Code Conversion and Testing, uses Dockers and Kubernetes for continuous migration and Integration.
  • Manages simultaneous releases of Target Database for functional and performance testing.
  • Highly scalable platform to scale up/down resources for both migration and testing.
  • Detailed logs for troubleshooting and restarting the processes from point of failures.

Quadrant's Differentiators

  • Microsoft & Quadrant Relationship - Working with Microsoft as a preferred vendor for Azure Data area including Azure PostgreSQL service, we understand and execute the Microsoft way
  • Prior Experience - Prior experience in PG migration projects
  • Streamlined Process - Streamlined process from Customer On-boarding to Assessment to Delivery
  • Quadrant's Migration Tool Kit - In-house Tool Kit - QMigrator tool/accelerator, templates, and the cookbooks to expedite the overall migration processes and to reduce the effort
  • End To End Migration Services - End to End Application Development, Testing Services, Performance Tuning, post migration support, all in connection with migration
  • Dedicated Migration Team + Resource Investment - Dedicated migration team with a primary focus on migrations to OSS, can invest in additional resources based on the need (at no billing).
  • Quick onboarding - Ability to onboard team quickly by mobilizing the existing team who is already working on different projects.
  • Expert TA Team - Strong and dedicated Talent Acquisition Team to attract the relevant skill pool for capacity augmentation.
  • Sun time support - Ability to support 24*7 model and in country specific time zones.
  • Investment for POCs - Can invest in building project specific POCs (Proof of Concept) based on the need
  • Competitive Pricing - Competitive pricing and flexible pricing models (T&M, Fixed Price, Unit Based)
  • Flexible Delivery Models - End to End Managed Services, Professional Consulting Services (Team capacity augmentation)