Make Powerful Decisions with Microsoft Power BI

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Microsoft Power BI is a simple and easy-to-use analytics tool that help organizations to generate comprehensive reports and gain valuable insights from their data, whether in the cloud or on-premises. In other words, it enables you to view past and present data and make predictions. This powerful platform fully analyzes data and shares powerful insights. It also allows businesses to clean up and completely transform data into meaningful data. According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, Power BI is considered as a go-to platform based on its focus on the completeness and ability to implement BI solutions.

Power BI for Making Right Business Decisions

With Microsoft Power BI, you can get all your employees on the same page, collaborate on an advanced platform, and easily transfer data. You will have access to pull insights, analyze historical and real-time data, generate effective reports, and make trending predictions. From there, you can make the decisions that will improve your business from granular day-to-day operations to extensive process improvements. Deploying Microsoft Power BI services are the best way for businesses to make smart and powerful decisions and stay ahead of competitors.

Here, we present some of the key features of Microsoft Power Business Intelligence that made it a powerful tool. So, let us look -

Data Visualization

This Power Business Intelligence platform enables interaction with data to provide the most useful business insights. It has a wide range of visualizations library that facilitates in creating data visualization. Users can use the default list or customize the visuals on their own.

Ability to Store Large Amounts of Data

Microsoft Power BI compresses large data files for easy access to data files. Datasets do not require size cuts to perform extensive data analytics. Power BI enables consolidating summaries and granular details in a single file which can be obtained through drilldowns. This platform minimizes data preparation steps. The software repeats the steps automatically whenever the data is refreshed.

User-friendly UX features

A crucial feature of Power Business Intelligence is data visualization with minimal effort. The functionality of this platform is similar to that of Microsoft Office Suite, which includes actions such as copy-paste, simple resizing, and drag-and-drop. It makes consistent branding simple and hassle-free for companies. Power BI branding theme can be developed in the .json file format. Analysts can import this file to create consistent color charts and graphs.

Quickly Identify Data Trends

Power BI makes it easy to analyze data trends. The built-in feature allows you to display large amounts of data in a matter of seconds. Data can be viewed based on size and feature. It also enables viewing data for date and time-dependent measurements.

Direct Cloud-based Connection

Power BI facilitates the publication of analytics reports on the cloud platform through a cloud service platform hosted by Microsoft called Power BI Service. It automatically publishes any underlying data making report and dashboard sharing.

Our Microsoft Power BI consultants can help to create a unique, 360-degree view of your business in the form of interactive data visuals and personalized reports on web as well as mobile devices. These insights will help businesses grow, provide better services, improve ROI to customers with less investment.

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