The Future of DevOps in 2021

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DevOps is an amalgamation of development and operations teams. As an organizational approach, DevOps allows pre-existing roles such as IT Operations, Development, Security, and Quality Engineering to work together and for better, more reliable services and products. Adopting a DevOps culture with powerful DevOps tools and practices enable organizations to effectively address the needs of their customers. This allows for faster application development and easier maintenance of existing deployments.

DevOps life cycle management automates several crucial tasks such as planning, coding, building, testing, releasing, deploying, operating, and monitoring. DevOps culture and framework make platforms and infrastructure independent. According to research reports, the DevOps tools market is projected to reach from $5.2 billion in 2018 to $ 15 billion by 2023.

What to Expect from DevOps in 2021?

DevOps adoption increases in the digital age

DevOps will get faster traction in 2021 as organizations around the world are likely to transform to digitization. This leads companies to digital dominance. DevOps professionals within the firm can provide amazing digital services to shareholders and customers. They inevitably comprise changes in people, process, and culture. To begin with a successful DevOps practice, decision-makers need an innovative and cultural mindset that brings about greater collaboration between different teams.

DevOps becomes BizDevOps

Glasnostic CEO and co-founder Tobias Kunze said that DevOps will become as ‘BIZDevOps’ in the coming years. As DevOps bridges the gap between operations and development, the biggest advantage is enabling an active company. In addition, businesses will see the increased growth of BizDevOps in 2021, with organization striving to transform into more centralized, agile, and fully digitized. With the right BizDevOps tools, companies can streamline the business innovation process while minimizing risks.

Development of infrastructure automation tools

DevOps should utilize proper tools to deliver applications rapidly. Infrastructure automation tools allow teams to automate the configuration, delivery and management of IT infrastructure and make automation more reliable. Hybrid and multiple cloud infrastructure orchestration, programmable infrastructure support, efficient resource allocation, and ease of launch are some of the benefits of using these tools.

Growth of DevSecOps for DevOps

Security is an essential element of DevOps practice as professional developers need better security and productivity results for their apps. They require new processes and tools to protect assets. DevSecOps typically integrates security and compliance testing with development pipelines, offers transparent and secure results to shareholders, and provides security protection at runtime.

Final Words:

The future of DevOps technology is really promising. With each passing day, the world is digitalizing and therefore the demand for DevOps services has increased in recent years. Organizations that adopt DevOps trends enhance their ability to design, build, implement and maintain quality software.

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