Quadrant Resource encourages a culture that is based on meritocracy, equality, open mindedness and freedom of thought and expression. An environment that is nurturous, disciplined and rewarding. Our constant endeavour is to provide boundless freedom driven by clarity of purpose in order for our resources to deliver ultimate value and splendid results to our customers. Quadrant Resource follows a diligent selection process in recruitment to ensure people with right attitude and mindset are only chosen rather than focusing only on their technical competence. We believe in training and mentoring our resources while empowering them to realize their potential and perform consistently at their peak. Motivation is the pillar of our resource management model. We believe in creating a collaborative conviction where every resource share the vision and mission of the organization and align themselves to the organizational objectives. We believe in rewarding the resources on regular basis for their successful contributions and accomplishments. We leave no stone unturned in empowering our resources to deliver the best value to our customers.

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The Company has the following open positions Any referral by an employee will receive $1,000 if a candidate is referred to and hired. The employee must submit the person’s resume and specify they are their referral.

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Client : Microsoft

Exp : 10-15 Yrs

Location : Redmond

“Quadrant Resource LLC (Redmond, WA) has multiple positions Sr. Program. Analyst -Define the goals of the system and devise flow charts and diagrams describing the logical operational steps of programs. Sys Eng.- help in cross-boundary issue triage. Provide feedback into future designs, Soft Eng – Provide customers or installation team guidelines for implementing secure systems. Travel and/or relocate to multiple unanticipated client locations throughout the USA. CV to: 4034 148th Ave NE Suite K1C1, Redmond, WA 98004.” Quadrant Resource offers you the ideal work environment. Please fill out the required fields.

Client : Microsoft

Exp : 5-10 Yrs

Location : Hyderabad

Citus is a scalable, robust, open source SQL database capable of real-time queries. It is integrated with Postgres and made available on-demand via Citus Cloud. You would be joining to build Citus Cloud. You are conscientious, sincere, and empathetic in your work. You are committed to being helpful to customers in your software designs. At the same time, you are balanced, being imaginative, discerning, and inventive to control engineering costs.